Monday, July 18, 2011

Big news, well sort of, okay not that big News

Here I am again. I just wanted to post because I don't want it to say, "posted 3 (or more) months ago," under my name. I don't remember my longest stint but hopefully I can just keep up the consistency.

So we are moving on Saturday! Big news. We didn't get into the house we had made an offer on and so we started to look at apartments instead. Since we began to look at homes, we felt very good about moving to Hutto, which is just about 5 minutes east of Round Rock. But because we weren't getting a house we decided to just stay in the ward we are already in. We looked at apartments that we thought were within the ward boundaries. We found one and loved it. It was actually the cheapest of the 3 and it had the same or more square footage than the other ones we looked at. So come sunday we start to tell everyone that we found this apartment and will be moving on Saturday. Well, lucky for us we had 2 stake presidency members, the ward clerk and the bishop all looking into if these apartments were in the ward boundaries. Unfortunately, they are not. It's so funny, because we tried so hard to stay in this ward, but obviously the Lord has other plans for us. We are excited because we know we need to be there and we will be able to pay off the van by the end of our contract. Awesome! So that's the news for right now. I may not be blogging for a few weeks until we get all moved in. Until then!


Melody said...

Good luck with your move! And I know how it goes, moving out of a ward you love. Jason and I were looking to be in either my parents' or my sister's ward, but we're not in either! We know we're where we're supposed to be though, and we're loving our new ward. :)

Tara Johnson said...

So I am just wondering... how many times have you guys actually moved?? You probably have it down to a science now!

Katie said...

Congrats Cara!! Its so exciting to pay off debt! I am super excited for you guys! I love the pictures of the girls in their bathing suits! Thanks for putting them up! I miss you guys! Sorry we aren't there to help you move, it seems like that is what we do. =)