Sunday, June 17, 2012

Easter Time

Our "huge" town actually had a pretty good Easter party at a park in town. The Easter bunny came, with a police escort! They had a hunt for different age groups and the girls were so excited! They actually tended to collect the candy on the ground and not the eggs, oh well. After they did the hunt, we played on the playground with some friends for a bit. 

The town mascot...a hippo, oh yeah, we are super cool here! Reesa was a little afraid of the hippo.

The Easter bunny was tricky this year. The girls loved their baskets, and it took quite a while to eat all that candy! We actually still have some leftover! Tad got a couple new ties and some sweet candy! The girls and I cut out some craft paper eggs and put them all over the apartment. They loved decorating the walls and random places, then finding them. And they got a toy bowling set, it's fun and they like it!

So of course we had to do bluebonnet pictures in their Easter outfits. They are too cute! I just love my two sweet girls!!

After we took pictures, we played at this super cool playground for a while. Afton loves the dinosaurs and acting like they are hungry for her!

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thegodells said...

Cara these girls are such goobs!!! I miss them so much!!! Very cute pictures!!