Sunday, June 17, 2012

Random Days

So in the summer time, even though my girls aren't in school, it seems like we have a bit of extra time on our hands. When I was in college I took a lab for exercise physiology and I learned how to wrap ankles, knees, elbows, etc. When I ran my half-marathon I hurt my foot and taped it up...the girls wanted to join in. Love those chubby little wrapped up feet!

I have LOVED watching these two little blessings grow up! I am often telling Afton that she is getting too big and she needs to stop growing up. She will quickly reply, "But Mom," in her soothing voice, "I have to grow up. Sorry." It makes me smile that she sees it realistically! The girls are playing together more and more often. They love to dress up together, they are making each other laugh, especially if one gets in trouble, the other feels like it's her duty to make the other one laugh. They run around the apartment, chasing each other, pretty much just being goobers. Although, this sounds heavenly, they have their not so good moments too. They are fighting over the same toy sometimes, or who gets the iPad, but for the most part it is awesome. They help each other and I love it! Just to clarify, the iPad is a treat. We are not too big on games like that, but they have a princess dress-up game and a Chuggington game on it, so it can cause issues. If they didn't have such huge imaginations I would be worried about how much they like those games, but they would just as soon go do puzzles or play with toys in the room. One day we were getting ready for bed and I found them together in the room reading a book together! LOVE!

When we have tough days, we like to do a yummy dessert and smores just so happened to be one of all of our favorites. We do these a lot! And makes messes a lot!

Life is good!