Thursday, June 28, 2012

I feel a little wacky right now :)

Why is the winner's name never mine? Not even the slightest hint of being my name. Shelly or Shannon or whatever your name is congrats...I think.

In other news, we are putting an offer on a house again. Wish us luck! This is the third house we have put an offer on and if it doesn't work, I think I might have a breakdown. You never know how emotionally invested you are until they come back and say, nope! It's sad really. You picture your future life in this home, plan out where you will put your furniture, how the yard is going to look, the upgrades you might make. It may seem a bit premature, just a bit, but I can't help myself. I get too excited. With this house we may have considered these things, but I am also trying to keep my mind from completely inhabiting the house. It's not working, so in a few days I may be bursting with joy or down in the dumps.

We have no idea what Heavenly Father has in store for us up there, but we are constantly trying to make the right decision for our family. If that is not getting this house, then I may shed a tear, but will know that there is something good around the corner. It just may be a very long corner. One of those ones that you can't really see the end of it at any point except a few feet from the end. (Is there such a thing? It sounded real to me!)

Also, Tad is getting a new calling. Exciting, yet sobering. I felt like a goober while we were meeting with the counselor in the Stake Presidency. After he announced what call it was, I said, "In our ward?!" In a shocked tone. Well, he so nicely replied, "Uh-huh." No sarcasm, no giggling, no pointing and laughing at my silly comment. Of course it was for our ward. The shock of the calling obviously had not warn off. Then as we drove home, I sat thinking, did I say yes to that? Really? Can I maybe have a minute more to think about this when I am in my right mind? Of course my answer wouldn't change, but I think they know that you will always say yes when they have the upper hand. When you don't really know what they just said and you sit there and smile thinking, "Woah, cool...wait, what?" Anyway, we're excited for what our future holds, because it's what we need and not always what we think or plan!

Hope all your lives are going well and are maybe not as crazy as ours, but I suspect everyone has their own bit of crazy!


Melody said...

Good luck getting the house! House hunting is a long process, and finally finding a house you like enough to offer on and then not getting it, I imagine, must be a blow. I hope you get it.

And good luck with Tad's new calling too! I'm assuming it's pretty busy? :)

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