Monday, November 29, 2010

"Beesa, Beesa's" & Lela's Birthday

Here are the promised pictures! 

  Reesa enjoying a yummy cupcake.

 The sweet byu-i sweatshirt we  picked out for Lela!

 More cupcake

 She loved this shirt, but thought it was too expensive, so I showed it to Jon...she got it!

 Afton being helpful with opening Lela's presents

 This AwEsOmE Longhorns cover Jon got for Lela's new phone!

Balloons and Presents!

This was the gift from Grammy and Poppy. (The basketball goal in the background.) She LOVES it!

 This was our cake we made. My cakes had some issues so we shaped into into a big dome!

 Lela with her of course messy face!

 Afton liked the frosting on the top. I came over and she had licked at least three of the cupcakes frosting.

 Lela's new sweatpants. Of course she needs more. I helped pick them out!!


Meagan & Sean said...

Leisha cut her hair!!!!

Meagan & Sean said...

and Beth is officially getting married???!!!