Saturday, November 27, 2010

My 1 year old Reesa B!

I can't believe my little Reesa B is already a year old. It seemed like it took Afton forever to get to a year old. Now I have another girl who is growing up way too fast! She is such a blessing to me and to this family. We had a great birthday for her, even though she was half asleep and wanted to just go back to bed. She put on a smile and did some dancing when she got presents and cupcakes. What a cutie patootie! I love this girl!

Things about Reesa's 1st year:

  • She was sit on and pushed over/out of the way many times by big sister
  • She rolled over
  • She sat up
  • She started to stand on her own
  • She took a couple steps by herself
  • She says a few words: mamma, dada, happy, what's that?
  • She also can sign a few words: thank you, milk, more, all done
  • She loves to eat, it is always something that can cheer her up
  • She gets super goofy and laughs hysterically at Afton (for some reason it will only be Afton that can make her laugh that good)
  • She flew on her first airplane
  • She got her lip busted open
  • She bit her tongue so hard it bled like crazy and left teeth marks
  • She got four upper teeth and two lower teeth
  • She scrunches her nose when she laughs
  • She loves squishy animals
  • She loves her blankee
  • She's played in the snow
  • She has the cutest little dimple in one cheek (the face ones hehe)
  • She has a cute little birthmark on her right leg
  • She likes books
  • Best of all she has four rolls on her legs and has to wear 18 month pants because they fit her thighs!
I love this girl! She has been such a blessing to us and we are so grateful that we have been blessed with another girl!

Pictures to come soon!!

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Melody said...

Wow, a year old already? That's so crazy! I remember when I first found out you were having another little girl! Crazy how fast time passes...