Monday, November 29, 2010

One of the Best Thanksgivings EVER

  Thanksgiving week was amazing! We loved every minute of it. The Thursday before the girls and I drove down to get Jon and Leisha from the Salt Lake City Airport. It actually went by faster than I thought it would. Then we went to lunch and headed straight back. We got home and didn't do much. We just chilled and watched some games. We were waiting for Bethy to come over, but Jon and Leisha fell asleep. Too bad for B. 
  The next day we hung out, played out in the snow, went grocery shopping and made plans for the rest of the week. Of course that night we had to go see the new Harry Potter. It was awesome!! And right after we all wanted to go see it again. (Except for Tad and Jon.) On Saturday, Bethy, Leisha and I went dress shopping. (The Dress!) The boys stayed home and watched games all day, while we shopped. It was crazy, but super fun. I think we found a good one for Bethy, but she won't be up here much longer, so we'll have to see. The next few days we just spent in the snow, as it kept piling on. We went sledding and took the snowboard down the sledding hill. Craziness! The sledding was fun but some days the wind was insane leaving everyone with chapped, red faces! Hehehe! Leisha made some good runs, Bethy tried it but got frustrated, I did it once and fell of course (it's a bit different doing a small hill than a ski run), Tad did it a few times and Jon did it twice I think before he messed up the knee. Oh dear!
  Along with the constant sledding we had constant football on. It was fun just sitting together and watching games. And on top of all that, Lela could not get enough of Nerts/Pounce. It's a pretty fun game if you've never played it. We played it once and I don't think there was a day that we didn't play it. We also played lots of pictionary and the Last Word. On Tuesday we finished up birthday shopping, so on Wednesday we celebrated Lela and Reesa's birthdays. We had meatball sandwiches for dinner, had cake and cupcakes, and opened presents. If anyone didn't know before, my sister is so spoiled by her husband. She is not a high maintenance girl at all, but she sure does love her presents. It was fun to see her and Reesa so excited to have gifts. 
  For Leisha's birthday on Wednesday night, we got a babysitter after the girls went to bed so we could go play. We went to this place in town called Fat Cats and played blacklight mini-golf. We also wanted to play this nerf game called Balladium (Oh Balladium), but it was broken, so they say. So we played bowling instead. We played a few arcade games too, and overall it was a girls dominate night! (No cheating of course!) 
  Thursday we got prepped for dinner and while everyone was out sledding/snowboarding, Reesa and I made food, food and more food. I'll just list off the deliciousness we had: moist, flavorful turkey, warm homemade wheat rolls, super soft mashed potatoes, amazing sweet potatoes with marshmallows melted on top, of course we had gravy for all those potatoes and turkey, asparagus sautéed with bacon, cranberry sauce, our pickle and olive plate, cheese ball with crackers and summer sausage, jello salad with mandarin oranges, and fluffy stuffing. Pretty much the best Thanksgiving dinner EVER!
   So it was pretty much one of the best Thanksgivings ever! It would have been the BEST had all the family come, but maybe one day. We missed you guys! (Grammy, Poppy, Aaron, Tyler and Ryan.) I am so grateful for family! I love that we all get along, and that we have a means of seeing each other at least once a year. I love that our Father in Heaven has blessed us with the ability to have families and that we have a loving Savior and Father in Heaven who care for us and show us that we are loved every day! What an amazing life we are given!

 I left this one big, because it is the best picture ever!! I love this one. Reesa was enjoying an oreo ball and smiled at me so I tried a couple times to get a good picture and finally got this one! So worth it!

We all turned into goobers in the car ride back down. We were so sad to see you guys go! Even you Jon. By the way, next time you give a little face tap, I'm takin' you down. (And by I, I mean me, Tad, Lela, Afton, Bethy and so forth. Just to ensure that we get you good and I don't get overpowered! Hehehe!)

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