Monday, November 8, 2010

Our other awesome family

Here is the next stop in our year. At the end of September, Tad's parents came up to Rexburg for a little visit before General Conference. They went down to Utah for conference but we were glad that they could come up to see us for a few days. The girls loved having Grandma and Grandpa around. Grandma made some yummy homemade wheat bread. It is delicious and I have made it a few times more. We took them up to Mesa Falls and got to just enjoy the beautiful nature around us. After that we stuffed everyone full with some Big Jud's burgers and shakes. It was delicious! We are so grateful to have such amazing families. The girls have some great grandparents who are wonderful examples to them. We are also grateful for everyone making the sacrifice of sleeping in our living rooms, just to spend more time with us. We loved every minute of it!

 Aww...little Reesa! So cute!

 Afton loved having Grandpa read her books and just being around him.

 Aw...we love Grandma and Grandpa!

 Reesa loves to wear the sunglasses everywhere!

 We made a Fruit Loop necklace and Afton just wanted to wear it and suck the cereal, instead of eating it.

 Reesa tried to get Mr. Potato glasses on but this as far as she could get it.

Afton loves helping do the dishes and Dad was nice enough to let her help!

This is what happens when Afton gets into the halloween make-up with the bathroom door locked!

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