Sunday, July 27, 2008

Afton's off to prep school!

The other day I decided to pack away all of Afton's clothes that were getting too small and thought I might as well take our her sixth month clothes. Tad's mom had gotten her a lot of little outfits with some coupons she had been saving. It's been great because the only thing we've really had to buy are onsies and dresses. Anyway, so I looked at them and they weren't too much bigger. The next day I put her in one of her outfits and couldn't help myself. I had to take tons of pictures of course. I decided this is what she will wear when we ship her off to prep school! (Haha!)

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Alesha said...

I can tell that Afton has a career in modeling...Gorgeous! Cara, I need to catch up with you--we will talk soon, really soon. Have a wonderful day! (Oh, and hi, Tad!)