Saturday, July 5, 2008

Katie and Dallin's Wedding

Tad's cousin Katie just got married on the 7th of June to Dallin Bird. They got married in the Rexburg Temple so Tad and I got to go to the sealing. Meagan, my old roommate, babysat Afton while we were at the sealing and then she brought her up after, so all of us could be in the pictures. It was a beautiful ceremony. It was especially nice because we also went to Katie's endownment. Dallin and Katie have known each other for a while and it is great to see two people so happy together. Being able to witness all of that reminded me of the amazing day of our own wedding. When we were sealed together, I really felt the Spirit and knew that Tad was right for me and we could be together for ever. We were both able to be somewhere where we were reminded of that day. And there was so much family there. Tad's other cousin, Bruce, and his wife, Sabrina, and Bruce's sister, Susie came. They stayed in our new apartment since we were in the middle of switching over. It was great to just spend time with family. Oh and Sabrina is trying to get a photography business going and she's amazing! She took some great pictures of the wedding. You should check out the pictures of Katie and Dallin. If you visit their blog, there is a link to her website ( , and Tad and I are totally smoochin' in one of the pictures! Anyway, it was a great day and we enjoyed being able to be a part of Katie and Dallin's special day!

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Leah and Joe said...

I am glad you updated your blog, I check it all the time and I needed some new reading material.