Saturday, July 5, 2008

That was a great day!

So about a couple weeks ago we borrowed one of those baby trailer things for babies to ride in while you ride your bike, and another bike from Tad's boss. Joe and Leah had invited us to go for a nice little bike ride around the town, so we loaded up the baby and took off. There was a trail we had seen outside the building where Katie's (Tad's cousin) reception was. It was a lot of fun, just traipsing around Rexburg on some bikes. Afterward, we had some burgers, corn on the cob, cantelope and Squeeze-its, in Joe and Leah's backyard. There were two extra Squeeze-it's so I challenged Tad to chuggin' contest. I totally wasted him! That's the second drinking game I beat him at. (The other was root beer. We had little dixie cups and had to down as many as we could without burping. We duked it out and I won!) It was a great summer day!

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Leah and Joe said...

That was a great day...... can we be neighbors forever?!