Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Sunday Surprises!

This past Sunday was quite the adventure. We headed to church and at the end of Sunday School, I went to go find a place to feed Afton. We were in the Austin Building, which is the engineer building, and there are no mothers' lounges there. The bathrooms are super teeny, so I tried to find a room that wasn't being used. I eventually found one and in this classroom they had a huge model of an engine, so I decided to use that as a blockade. It was really heavy so I got it as close to the door as possible and sat in the corner of the room, just in case. On the last leg of the feeding session, of course the door bangs against the model engine and scares me and Afton to death. Luckily the diaper bag blocked the view and we escaped from the scene as quickly as possible. We came home, and tried to take a nap, but Afton was being really cute so we got a bunch of pictures. So here they are!


Leighanne Johnson said...

hahah!!! i love the picture where her mouth is wide open!! I miss having her in relief society!!

Meagan said...

So you look like a flippin' supermodel all of the time Cara. P.S. These are such cute pictures! Love this little girl!